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Strachan in ShootersPool

Strachan is a brand of WSP textiles, manufacturer of superior performance products for the sports and leisure industry, specifically the coverings for tennis balls and snooker & pool tables.

WSP Textiles is partner of some of the biggest names in the billiard industry such as World Snooker, Joy Billiards, Beijing XingPai (Star brand) and Peradon. Strachan cloth has been the choice of the World Snooker Championships since 1980.

Thanks to the collaboration with Strachan, our players are able to set their games of Snooker, Blackball and Chinese Pool with Strachan cloths, getting many possibilities of customize their games and the best gaming experience.

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Strachan logo

Cloths available in ShootersPool

This is the full list of the Strachan cloths available to play in ShootersPool.

Strachan No10 Championship
No10 Championship

Snooker/Chinese Pool

Strachan 6811 Tournament
6811 Tournament

Snooker/Chinese Pool/Balckball

Strachan 6811 Club
Strachan 6811 Club


Strachan Superfine


Strachan 6811 Pool
6811 Pool


Strachan 861


Strachan 6811 JS
6811 JS

Chinese Pool

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