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Please, check the Frequenly Asked Questions - FAQ


No. It is a one payment game without subscription plans.

No. You can only play in a Windows PC/computer.

No. The game is only available for Windows PC/computer.

Yes. But you will need an external PC Mouse to properly play.

Yes. The game has been designed to be played with a PC Mouse.

Yes. You can sign up with the Free2Play version without any cost.

You have available basic features to set your games but you are not limited in time or number of games to play.

You can set online games of 8 Ball, Snooker 6-Reds and Straight Rail Billiards with basic settings. You can also play in public Free2Play games.

No necessary. The purchase of virtual items is optional.

A virtual currency to use in the game.

Virtual items such as tables, cloths, cues, shafts, ball sets & venues. Also you can purchase entries for tournaments.

Yes. You can register free to try the game. If you enjoy it, you can then purchase the full game with the same account.

Once you get the full game, you receive a license of use. To play offline without an internet connection you will need to activate your game license.

We provide 3 License Activations in case you might need them to activate the game after making big hardware changes in your system or even fully change it.

The full game includes a training mode offline which allows you to train, set your shots and make some exercises or drills.

Do you have any doubt or need help?

Please don't doubt to send us a message. We are happy to help!

You can contact us in support@shooterspool.net.

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