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Gabriels Billiards Tables in ShootersPool

Designed and manufactured in Belgium. The Gabriels billiards tables are next generation tables, supported by professional and amateur players from all over the world.

Many ranking tournaments, including world and continental championships such as the 3 Cushion Billiards World Championship or the Ceulemans Continental Cup, have been played on a Gabriels table.

We collaborate with Gabriels Billiards to provide our players the experience of play online billiards games with the finest carom tables.

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Gabriels Billiards logo

Gabriels Billiards tables available in ShootersPool

This is the full list of Gabriels tables available to play in ShootersPool.

Gabriels Imperator V 7ft
Gabriels Imperator V 7ft


Gabriels Imperator V
Gabriels Imperator V 10ft


Gabriels Rafale
Gabriels Rafale 10ft


Gabriels Rafale White
Gabriels Rafale 10ft White


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