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With over 200.000 YouTube Subscribers, Sharivari has become in a reference in pool instruction. His videos already have more than 12 million views by billiards players from all over the world.

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Check the Sharivari's YouTube channel to learn all what you need or become one of his students at www.sharivari.net.

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Why is Sharivari a great ambassador?

The advanced technics he uses to illustrate his videos plus his ability to communicate billiard concepts in an understandable way for every player, make his videos really useful for players who want to improve their game.

We have no doubt that his videos can improve your game knowledge to be applied both in your real game and at the shooterspool tables.

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If you want to rocket your game, Subscribe to Sharivari's YouTube Channel!

Improve your game knowledge and apply it to both your real game and Shooterspool.

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