Subscription plans suppressed

Posted by on Nov 2, 2018 in News

From the ShootersPool Team, we want to announce that we have decided to remove the online game subscription plans of ShootersPool.

From the 1st November 2018, it won’t be needed to hire any subscription plan to keep playing online without limitations.

For the new members, we maintain two initial purchase options for ShootersPool, STARTER and PRO. Both include the same game features and their differences consist in the inclusion of different game accessories or items.

Básic equipment
500 Vc
Professional equipment
1500 Vc
* Final sale price. All taxes included.

You can check all the details of each pack here.

The ShootersPool STARTER includes all the necessary equipment to play online any kind of game available in ShootersPool.

The ShootersPool PRO version includes, plus the basic equipment of the STARTER version, a selection of items with professional specifications and 1500Vc (Virtual Coins) to personalize your cue case and start playing at the highest level.

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  • Cecil Bergwin

    Good decision gents!

  • Andreas

    Yeah nice. Good decision. For Steam it is better.

  • Omer Ozbilgin

    We’re going for Steam! :)