Statistics of the Beta

Posted by on Oct 30, 2017 in News

Statistics of the Beta

Over the past few months, players from all over the world have helped us to test, fix and improve ShootersPool’s gaming experience.

Players with experience, both in the practice of real billiards and in different billiards video games. Pool players , Snooker players and Carom players with one common point, their passion for billiards.

Thank you for your time Beta Testers.

Thanks to all of them, their time, experience and dedication we have solved all the issues that ShootersPool had and we have greatly improved the game experience of ShootersPool.

The game is ready for the public release, but not finished, ShootersPool will be evolving over the time in order to continue improving and offering new content and options to our players.

As a curiosity, these are some statistics that we have collected during the Beta and, from now on, we have to increase them. Do you help us?

See you at the tables!

ShootersPool Beta Statistics Dashboard

  • Bashar Almohands

    I hope you success I am very happy that you will launch the final game and thank you for your efforts

  • Andreas

    Game is really promising. Fingers crossed