Our partners and collaborators


¿Who are our partners?

In ShootersPool we work and collaborate actively with companies, associations and organizations whose main activity revolves around the world of billiards. Meet all our collaborators below.

Partners - OB Cues

OB Cues

OB Cues manufactures high performance pool cues and pool cue shafts in Plano, Texas. Beginning with the OB-1 shaft, the first product launched, OB Cues has been at the forefront of “Ultra Low Deflection” development for the last decade. 

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Partners - Rasson Billiards

RASSON Billiards

The Rasson Billiards tables has been selected as the official pool table supplier of international events and organizations such as the GB9 in the Uk, the World Pool Series (WPS) or Matchroom Pool for the Mosconi Cup, the World Cup of Pool and the World Pool Masters.

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Partners - JOY Billiards

JOY Billiards

JOY Billiards is a worldwide manufacturer of billiards tables from China. JOY Billiards is The Leader of Chinese 8 Ball, and they are working to expand this billiards game all over the world. The JOY Billiards brand is available to play in ShootersPool. You can play, for example, Chinese 8 Ball games on the JOY Q8 table.

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Partners - National Snooker Expo

National Snooker Expo

The National Snooker Expo is an event designed to bring both players, enthusiasts and Billiards Industry. Set for its inauguration in May 2018, the N.S.E. will be the first Snooker products and accessories exhibition with events and tournaments for snooker players and fans.

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Partners - Billares Guru51 Logo

Guru51 Billiards

Guru51 is a Spanish billiard brand specialized in the design and manufacture of English Pool Tables (Pool51 / Blackball). Guru51 is one of the official brands present in ShootersPool. Playing ShootersPool, you can enjoy and try out the Guru51 tables in their different versions standard, silver and gold. Image Gallery.

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Partners - Asociación Tour España Logo

Tour España Association

Tour España Association is a non-profit organization that annually organizes a national billiards circuit in the modalities of 8 Ball and 10 Ball.

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Partners - PRP Billiards Ranking Logo

PRP Billiards Ranking

PRP Billiard Ranking is an app for mobile phones that allows you to measure your level of play in billiards. You can check your and your opponents evolution in the game, as well as analyze your statistics graphically.

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Partners - LNP Liga Nacional Pool Logo

LNP National Pool League

Spanish National Pool Championship. Created in 2016, the National Pool League has 2 divisions, 16 teams and the top spanish players including David Alcaide Bermudez and Francisco Sanchez Ruiz.

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