Online Billiards


ShootersPool is an online billiards simulator that provides a realistic gaming experience. It offers all billiards players a chance to compete against players from all over the world.

Create your ShootersPool player profile and play online matches and tournaments. Compete to reach the top positions in the world rankings. Join to the ShootersPool Community.


Choose a nickname and a profile picture to become part of the ShootersPool gaming community.

The ShootersPool player profile records all your games and saves your statistics to create a “virtual image” of your gaming skills. You can view all your statistics quickly and compare them to those of other players.


There are two types of matches that you can create or join to play in ShootersPool: Single match and King of the table.

A single match allows you to set up more complex matches with sets and gameswhile in the king of the table mode, you can play individual games faster providing the rotation between players in the room.

In both modes, the players of the room make up an order list so that the winner player continues playing while the loser gives his place to the next one on the list.


In addition to single matches, on ShootersPool you can play tournaments to win prizes like virtual money and tournament points. There are two types of tournaments on ShootersPool: Regular and Sit&Go.

The regular tournaments have a specific start date of the matches. However Sit & Go tournaments do not have a start date, it starts once the seats are full.

In addition, ShootersPool has a tournament editor so you can organize your own events, with which you can even win virtual coins (Vc) if they have a high player participation.


ShootersPool generates rankings based on two factors: Rating and Tournament Points.

The Rating is a score that is obtained with the dispute of matches and that varies depending on the quality of your opponents. You will gain more rating points if you beat players with a higher level of Rating.

The Tournament Points are obtained playing tournaments, depending on the position where you finish the tournament.


ShootersPool has a virtual store where players can purchase items to customize their game. Billiards cues, shafts, tables, sets of balls, cloths or game locations are examples of products available in the store.

Some of these products can help the players to improve their game. For example, there are pool shafts with different deflections, break cues or jump cues, offering the player a wide range of resources to make a better play.