OB Cues available to play

Posted by on Sep 26, 2018 in News

OB Cues available to play

OB Cues available in ShootersPool

We are happy to announce the first official cue maker brand available in ShootersPool, OB Cues.

OB Cues is one of the most important brands in the pool scene and, from this agreement, our members are able to virtually play with their cues and shafts in ShootersPool.

Cues and shafts from OB Cues available in ShootersPool

We have included a selection of cues and shafts which include playing cues, break cues (OB Rift RB), jump cues (OB Lift) and the complete collection of their OB Plus shafts.

Each cue and shaft has been faithfully reproduced to the real models, taking into account their designs, woods and playing behavior.

If you are an OB player, now you can also enjoy their products playing online with players from all over the world.

If you want to check the full products available, please visit the following link.

OB Cues collection

These are some of the cues and shafts currently available to play.

OB Plus shafts: OB-1+ | OB-2+ | OB Classic+ | OB Pro+ | OB XL+ | OB XL Classic+

OB Break cues: OB RIFT RB

OB jump cues: OB LIFT

OB Playing cues: OB-127 | OB-128 | OB-132 | OB-133 | OB-17EMW | OB-176 | OB-184 | OB-1811 | OB-1817 | OB-1820 | OB-1821 | OB-1825 | OB-1827

OB Cues

OB Cues is a manufacturer of cues and shafts for American Pool established in Plano, Texas. The complete collection of cues and shafts from OB Cues offers a high performance for all styles and types of play.

From their first shaft launched, the OB-1, to their current OB Plus shafts, OB Cues have been at the forefront of the “Ultra Low Deflection” development, and their shafts are worldwide recognised.

If you are interested in knowing more about OB Cues, you can visit the following link to their official website.