New Snooker Six Red

Posted by on Jan 9, 2018 in News

New Snooker Six Red

New ShootersPool update available. Version 1.2.0. To update, log in with your player account at and click on the “update” button.

More Snooker games to play

This update of ShootersPool includes new madalities of Snooker games that increase the game modes with more dynamic games and that will help the learning of beginners.

Snooker Six Red

The Snooker Six Red is a game based on the conventional Snooker, but is played only with 6 red balls instead of the usual 15. The game table size and properties is the same of 12ft and the general rules of play are also mostly the same.

The Snooker six red is a game modality more dynamic than the conventional Snooker, both for the player and the spectator.

The first Snooker Six Red World Championship was played in 2008 and the current champion is the Welsh player Mark Williams.

Who will be the first player to claim the Snooker Six Red Champion in ShootersPool? That can be you.

Custom Snooker

We have also included some game options that allows you to set your own Custom Snooker games, being able to select the number of red balls to use (3, 6, 10 or 15) and also you have the possibility of play on 10ft Snooker tables.

For sure, this features will help new Snooker players and beginners to improve his game skills.

New features for the pool players

Also we have include a new 10ft pool table with tight pockets. A new item that makes a new challenge for our pool players and, for sure, will attract some Snooker players to play some games of pool in a big format pool table with tight pockets.

All these new features are included in all the initial starter packs of ShootersPool.

Are you missing any game mode in ShootersPool? Leave us a comment below.

See you on the green.