Get Vc for playing

Posted by on Nov 15, 2017 in News

Get Vc for playing

We have launch a new system to get virtual coins (Vc) in ShootersPool. We will reward you for play online giving you virtual coins depending on your daily activity on ShootersPool Online.

How do we count how much you play?

We will count the number of daily shots you make and we will add to your player account virtual coins based on the following statistics:

Shots made per day Vc reward
1-100 shots +1 Vc
100-300 shots +5 Vc
+300 shots +10 Vc

In addition, we have added a new information panel to your profile page at in order to let you know about all the virtual coins movements (Vc) that you have made.

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See you at the tables!