What is ShootersPool?

ShootersPool is an online billiards simulator for Windows PC.  You will be able to play the most popular modalities of billiards or to use it to practice if you are a player in real life.  The main features of ShootersPool are its physics engine and the online game.

Which features does ShootersPool offer?

You can know all the features of ShootersPool here.

Will there be software updates?

Yes, there will.   ShootersPool will progressively receive updates that will include both software improvements and new content (tables, cues, new games, sets of balls, etc…).

Do I have to pay for the software updates?

No, you don’t.  If you have bought ShootersPool you will receive all the software updates.


Which modalities of game does ShootersPool offer?

You can check the available billiards games here.

Which playing modes does ShootersPool include?

You can play online matches and tournaments. More info about the online game here.

Do I need to be connected with an internet connection to play ShootersPool?

Not necessarily.  If you want to practice alone in your computer, you can do it without being connected to the internet.  If you want to play online against other player, then you will need an internet connection.


How do I access the online multiplayer? 

When you purchase ShootersPool, you create a player profile that you will use to play online on the members website.

What does the online multiplayer offer?

You can play online matches and tournaments. Game statistics, rankings and access to the virtual products store.

You can practice offline, set balls positions and try some training routines. Also you can play local matches between humans on the same PC.


Where can I purchase ShootersPool?

You can buy ShootersPool on digital download here.

How much does ShootersPool cost?

You can check the prices here.

What I will receive with the purchase?

There are two different starter products (STARTER & PRO) availables to purchase ShootersPool. Each one have:

  • A ShootersPool License of Use.
  • 3 software license activations.
  • An amount of Vc (depending on the product).
  • Software Updates.
  • Online game.
  • Create and play online games.
  • Create and play online tournaments.
  • Player statistics.
  • Rankings.
  • Access to the virtual products store.
  • Offline training mode. Tracking lines of the physics.
  • Offline games 1 Vs. 1 (human Vs human) locally on the same computer.
  • Replay mode. You can record your games. Slow-motion replays.

¿What is a license of use?

Non exclusive license to use ShootersPool software without assignment of property rights.

What are the License Activations?

A personal and nontransferable code associated to a registered user, a system and a license of use of ShootersPool.

What happens if I made important hardware changes on my system?

If you make significant hardware changes on your PC (for example, change your processor) you will need to re-activate the license.

Can I play online if I have not activated the license of ShootersPool?

Yes. The license activation is not necessary to play online.

There is a new update available, How can i download it?

To update your game, log in members.shooterspool.net and press the button “update” at the top of the page.

Where can i find more info about the purchase of ShootersPool?

You can contact us through the email support@shooterspool.net an also you can check the “Sale Conditions“.



What are the “Virtual Coins” (Vc)?

ShootersPool have a virtual coin to purchase virtual products. This virtual currency is the “Virtual Coin” (Vc).

What can I buy with “Virtual Coins” (Vc) on ShootersPool?

You can buy virtual products such as cues, shafts, tables, ballsets and venues to customize your game. You can also buy tickets for tournaments.

Can I change my “Virtual Coins” (Vc) for real money?

No. The virtual money that you own at ShootersPool can not be exchanged for real money.



Which are the hardware/software requirements to play ShootersPool?

You can look at the requirements here.

Which controllers do I need to play ShootersPool?

You will need a keyboard and a mouse to enjoy ShootersPool.