Billiards Items


ShootersPool has a wide variety of billiards items as cues, tables, ball sets and cloths, each with different finishes and properties that allow the player to customize their game. Some of them are reproductions of real products that belongs to licensed brands.

You can purchase this items at the ShootersPool virtual store in order to improve your equipment and your playing skills.


There are different billiards cues to play American Pool, Snooker or Carom in ShootersPool. Within each type of game we can find cues with different features like play cues, break cues and jump cues, allowing you to perform better games.

Besides cues, we can also select different types of billiards shafts, with more or less deflection and with different diameters and hardness of the tips, allowing you to improve your precision in shots.

You can configure a cue case for each type of game with up to four different cues, so that you have at your disposal many options to perform your best shots in a game.

For example, to play an american pool game, you can configure your cue case with two playing cues, a break cue and a jump cue.


ShootersPool has many billiards tables for the different disciplines of American Pool, Snooker and Carom. Within each game mode you can select different table models, with different designs, dimensions of the playing area and size of the pockets.

In addition to the billiards tables, ShootersPool also lets you change the cloth type. Each cloth has unique properties. The friction of each cloth affects directly the speed of the game.

Also the color and the pattern of the fabric are diferent for each model of cloth and you can also adjust the dirtiness of the cloth and that affects the behavior of the balls.


ShootersPool offers a great variety of ball designs. You can select the billiards ball set and the cue ball and also adjust their dirtiness. This property also affects directly the behavior of the balls.


ShootersPool is designed to provide a realistic billiards experience, reproducing billiards rooms that resemble real environments.

Eight different billiards rooms, a billiards tavern, private lounges, a palace or competition venues are some examples. Each billiards venue has a characteristic setting offering players a wide variety of decorations, lighting and sound effects that provide greater inmersion in gaming experience.


Game venues specially designed to play the final rounds of tournaments. Design and atmosphere, visual and sound effects offers the player the feeling of being playing a great event.